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Brick Cleaning

Looking for high-quality professional brick cleaning to help keep your Winter Park home or business in great shape for years to come? If so, you've come to the right place with the team here at True Wash Solutions LLC. We're the number one provider of pressure washing for Winter Park and the nearby areas, and our quality exterior cleaning services will leave your property looking absolutely flawless for much longer than other methods of cleaning by hand. We know you'll love the results when you choose to work with us!

Masonry Pressure Washing For Better-Looking Brick And Stone

Our top-of-the-line brick cleaning service will completely transform the look and feel of your Winter Park home or business. Brick surfaces look fantastic, and even old brick has its charm. However, the presence of dirt, grime, and organic growth can be an extreme detriment to the curb appeal of your property, but that's where we come in. We offer the finest brick cleaning service on the market, and we'll ensure that we get rid of every last trace of stains and substances by the time we're done.

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Frequently Asked Brick Cleaning Questions

Pressure washing brick surfaces can be safe when done correctly, especially if the brick is in good condition. However, it's crucial to use the appropriate equipment, pressure settings, and techniques tailored to the specific circumstances to avoid damage. For example, old brick in bad condition may not be able to withstand a high pressure wash, so the soft washing method is preferable for brick cleaning if it can handle an automated cleaning service at all. It's always best to go with a pro when it comes to pressure washing for this reason, since an expert will know how to best approach cleaning your surfaces with the least risk of damage.

As we mentioned above, a high pressure wash is not always the best possible solution when it comes to brick cleaning. The method chosen really depends on the level of dirt, grime, or organic growth present, alongside the general condition of the surface in question. In many cases, soft washing will just as effectively clean brick surfaces without risking any damage, preserving the integrity of the bricks and their mortar joints.

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